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At Luuxoo you can buy atmospheric sustainable lighting for the home handmade from cardboard or wool. Pure materials that are beautiful in themselves and transform light into a warm ambient glow.

Ordering from outside the Netherlands

Do you want to purchase Luuxoo lights from outside the Netherlands or Belguim? This is possible for all European countries. Please contact Luuxoo at or with the contact form below and you will be informed about the shipping costs and delivery time to your country.

About Luuxoo

Luuxoo designs and creates atmospheric lighting for the home. The name Luuxoo is derived from the word ‘lux’ which in Latin means light. Luuxoo means to play with light and would like to share this with anyone who is looking for cheerful warm light.

Luuxoo for a sustainable world

Lights  of Luuxoo encourage the use of energy saving lamps. They help you to transform the sometimes cheerless light of energy-saving lamps into warm light. The lamps are made from recycled or renewable material. Adhesives, flame retardant and soap to felt wool are environmentally friendly. The transport of materials and orders is by bicycle(car) and sometimes by shared car. Luuxoo uses green electricity, a green bank and a green server.

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